World Web Wonders

At World Web Wonders, we believe that every business owner should have the ability to connect with their customers on a level playing field. 

That’s why we offer marketing services for small businesses at budget-friendly rates. We’re here to help you reach your target audience—and make sure it’s done with style and grace.

We `re different. On pourpose

In Everything We Do

 WE takes pride in having earned a strong reputation when it comes to providing effective internet marketing solutions for businesses in Salt Lake City. Our work extends to different industries, which helped us create a strong client base throughout the years.

Keeping Up with the Changing Search Landscape

We strive to stay updated with the latest changes in online marketing to provide strategies that work and ensure your business stays ahead of the competition

Developing Your Online Image

Your website serves as your online image. Without it, you’ll be missing many opportunities for your business. This, in turn, can make a big difference in your success. At World Web Wonders, we develop your website to provide a strong and impressive online image that will enhance user experience and take your business to a completely new level.

Providing Tailored Solutions

WORLD WEB WONDERS doesn’t work on a one-size-fits-all strategy; we tailor our campaigns to provide the best solutions that will give your business an edge among competitors. Our in-house experts will discuss your web design, SEM, and SEO options to deliver measurable results and help your business take the next steps towards success.

our mission

World Web Wonder’s mission is to help small businesses gain insight and confidence in what defines their brand and how to best portray that to their audience through their organic social media activity. We aim to do this by providing affordable services and products as well as sharing as much free content as we can through our social media platforms and blog.

The Founder


WORLD WEB WONDERS  was created with a purpose.  As a sales rep for another internet marketing company, I would meet with many businesses that subscribed to an Online Marketing service.  They would express to me many different concerns, “I have no idea what this  company does for me,” “I haven’t received a report in months,” or “I feel like I’m being taken advantage of.”  This was a very common theme whenever Internet Marketing  was brought up in my conversations. I saw a need – a need for an SEO company that broke the mold!

I created World Web Wonders  based on 3 principles.  Be Transparent, Get Results and Earn Loyalty. Our goal with being transparent was to easily show in our reports what our customer’s investments were doing for them.  We show the exact work that is being paid for and our programs are set up with an exact number of things to be accomplished. Get Results boils down to following algorithm changes and making sure that we are up to date with the latest effective Marketing strategies.  Earning Loyalty comes when we prove ourselves by showing positive ROI and holding no long-term contracts.

These three principles have guided us to where we are today where we have grown to 15+ employess